JCC Beyond the Wall: west Berlin 

My dear brother Fritzchen,

I hope you and mother are doing well. I still have yet to receive any letters from you, and I worry that my letters are being intercepted. I have heard rumors about the east side and the policy brutality and silence of speech. They tell us the western powers are doing everything they can to reunify Berlin and to eradicate the evil communist rule. Have you seen the American air lifts carrying supplies to East Berlin? I hope you’ve been getting them. I have faith the blockade will end soon. Please respond soon.



JCC Beyond The Wall: East Berlin

Dearest Hanz,

I have received all of your letters, but I know none of mine are getting to you. The guards along the border make sure that nothing escapes these walls. We have been forced to collectivize our property and livestock and pledge ourselves to Communism. Mother seems to have converted, but I know the communist party only promises lies. I have seen the American airlifts, but the supplies are not enough to supplement our shortages. I heard rumors of escapes into West Berlin, but many people have been shot at the wall. I am still looking at fleeing so we can reunite at last. Hopefully this message will find you safety.



Dilma Rousseff's Cabinet 

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. I have not fulfilled my promises as President. I have not fixed our infrastructure problem or our economic failures. I have not strengthened our political ties with our neighboring countries or fixed our education gap.

But most importantly, Father, I have been the corrupt president I vowed not to be. I have given kickbacks and bribes. I have blackmailed and ignored the requests of the people. I have forced others to fail, so I can succeed. I worry that despite what the Good Lord has taught me, I will continue to sin in the name of power. I am worried, Father, because I feel no remorse.

 © Platon/Trunk Archive 2014

 © Platon/Trunk Archive 2014

Dictatorship is the New Democracy: Muammar Gaddafi's Cabinet 

Name: Mahmud Jalloud

Position: Speech Writer for Colonel Gaddafi

Reason for Resignation: I have witnessed first hand the corruption that occur within this cabinet. I have watched my friends and family suffer at the hand of the Colonel’s blackmail and poor economic and political policy, and I witness firsthand the Mr. Gaddafi’s clear disregard for democracy. The people want an elected leader who will protect his people rather than kill unarmed civilians. I can no longer write blatant lies for a dictator who refuses to help his country. From this day forward, I will work in the shadows to help the movement against Libya’s government. I hereby submit my two week’s notice for my resignation.

Sons of Liberty: Freedom Fighters of the New World 

The New York Herald                   

The British Parliament has approved the Company’s new tax increase on tea in the Tea Act. This marks the third major tax hike including the Stamp Act of 1765 and the Townshend Act of 1767. The colonies have already voiced concerns over the continued taxation without representation. More locally, riots and petitions have spread throughout New York City to repeal the new Tea Act.

A group of bandits by the name of the Sons of Liberty have risen as the leading movement against the new taxes. Between tar and feathering and burning down official buildings, the organization has been labeled as a threat to British control of the colonies. While the government labels the group as terrorists, others hope that these freedom fighters will bring liberty and justice to all.

The Fall of Chinese Nationalist Party: The Warlord Era Begins 

Dear mother,

I am writing to inquire about your whereabouts in the aftermath of the recent pillages. I heard warlord Wu Peifu and his army have yet again attempted to cross over into northern territory. I fear for our safety in such a tumultuous time. If the Nationalist Party cannot get ahold of China, the warlords will destroy everything in their path to gain control in this nation. Please collect your belongings and meet me in the rice paddies just south of the town at dusk. I have a friend who can help us flee China before its collapse. I cannot bear to face anymore destruction from the warlords or even worse, the rising Communist Party.

Love your son,

©2014-2016    kriss80858  (via DeviantArt)

©2014-2016 kriss80858 (via DeviantArt)

Ministry of Magic: The Wizarding World Exposed 

I, Rufus Scrimgeour, recognize the grave danger the wizarding world faces. The Death Eaters have terrorized both wizards and muggles, risking the exposure of the magical realm. He-who-must-not-be-named has gained power and influence in his pursuit to purify the wizard race and to destroy Harry Potter. We ask both wizards and beasts to not lose faith in your government. We must remain strong and unite against this pervasive terrorism and racism. As I take on the new role as Minister of Magic, the Ministry vows to restore order to our fractured world using policy, magic, and above all, love.

AD Hoc Committee of The Secretary General 

BosMUN is excited to introduce its first ever Ad Hoc committee! This Ad Hoc committee topic will not be revealed until the first committee session, so delegates must come prepared for anything. The committee will be structured as a crisis committee with frequent crisis updates and a crisis room to accept notes from delegates. Because of the competitiveness and difficulty level of this committee, we ask that only experienced, driven delegates apply for this committee. This committee's application will be available beginning in October and the thought-provoking questions on the application are designed to challenge the delegates in order to ensure they will thrive in the AD Hoc Committee. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to the Secretary General, Christina Lucas, at sg@bosmun.org. We look forward to our first Ad Hoc!

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