BosMUN is excited to welcome you to its second AD Hoc Committee of the Secretary General. Applications will open in September. If you have any questions, please feel free to direct them to our Secretary-General, Naomi Carolan, at

Welcome to BosMUN’s second Ad Hoc committee! The Ad Hoc Committee of the Secretary General is a unique crisis committee tailored to advanced delegates eager to debate and face surprises. As is the custom for an Ad Hoc Committee, the topic will not be revealed in full until moments before the conference starts. As such, while general preparation must still be done leading up to the conference in order to develop research, writing, and speaking skills, Ad Hoc delegates will have to think on their feet in order to react quickly and effectively to sudden crises they have had minimal time to anticipate. Though preparation is extremely necessary, it takes a completely different form in this committee.

“Ad Hoc” is Latin for “for this”, referring to something existing for a very specific purpose. Real world Ad Hoc committees are established for clearly defined reasons, addressing urgent issues ranging from terrorism to social injustices and everything in between. Despite the lack of advance notice given regarding the topic, it is still absolutely vital that delegates engage in fast paced debate and make sure that they are participating. This committee simulates real world circumstances like few other in regards to the inability to foresee what is coming, and in this many regard it as the highest level of crisis committees.

BosMUN rules will still apply to all delegates, and it is expected that every member of this committee conduct themselves as they would in any other body. In terms of parliamentary procedure, this committee will slightly differ from what is expected, as the topic will be delayed and certain deadlines would be impossible to make. The committee will function most like a crisis committee in terms of chair participation, news presentation, and debate. A higher standard will be held for this committee. This is important in order to facilitate the best discussions and solutions amongst this small group of passionate and capable delegates. Delegates will be able to apply to this committee through an online application asking delegates about their previous experiences, interests, and more. Experienced delegates are encouraged to apply, to hone their problem solving, and their ability to think on their feet. More details regarding a timeline and specific requirements will be given once delegates are selected. We hope that you apply!

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