Water. Earth. Fire. Air. These four elements serve as the core foundation of the Four Nations, that reign through the world of the Avatar. With each nation fighting for domination, it has long been asserted that power is determined based upon one’s ability to manipulate and control the elements. The Avatar- the single person with the ability to control all four- is tasked with maintaining harmony in a world that has long since abandoned the goal of peace, but this task has grown too big, even for Aang. This committee is tasked with resolving the age old power struggle between fire and water, earth and air, and restoring order to the Four Nations before all hope is lost.

Topic: The Timeless Conflict of Good Against Evil

Avatar: The Last Airbender is set in world rife with division; a world that, like any, often walks the line balancing good and evil. As individuals often do, the people of this world find safety in numbers, among people who are similar to themselves. Nations often struggle to get along, refuse to cooperate, and find themselves disagreeing more often that not. It is up to the factions of the Avatar world to decide who is good, who is evil, and everything in between.

Topic: The Ambitions of Fire Nation

The aggression of Fire Nation cannot go unchecked. The fragile peace in the Avatar world must be maintained, yet small advances and reports of covert attacks by the Fire Nation have allegedly occurred to incite violent action by other peoples. Can the Fire Nation be dealt with without giving them the power they so desperately desire?

Committee Email: avatar@bosmun.org

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