Mexico’s deadliest drug cartels have been run by some of the most ruthless men in the region. But it’s a new age as a deadly and prominent new cartel has emerged, run by beautiful and deadly young women.

Some of the largest key players in the war on drugs are the all powerful mercenary organizations that exist within Mexico, Central, and South America. These groups, also known as cartels, wield enormous power over the regions that they exist in, and often hold a level of control that is rival to or greater than that of official government and law enforcement agencies that are supposed to be keeping them in check. In this committee, delegates will find themselves functioning as members of, accomplices to, or enemies of the mercenary group Las Flakas.

In this committee, delegates will debate about the future of the group- should alliances be made with other cartels, and as such continue working as an elite, hired group of hitwomen? Should the group take their affairs to the next level and become their own cartel, and take on all the power struggles and dangers that accompany this option? Delegates will also have to take on the difficult topic of dealing directly with the Mexican government, and figure out how to ensure that their illicit activities go undetected (or, more realistically, ignored) by those whose job it is to take the group down.

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