The British Secret Service has long been hailed as elite in the world of covert espionage. Journey back to it’s creation in 1952, to set the standard for covert operations in the United Kingdom.


For decades, Britain’s highly elite intelligence agency has functioned in the shadows, conducting espionage at the highest levels. For this committee, delegates will travel back in time to 1952, to focus on the organization’s activity during the height of the Cold War. The committee will focus on two topics, those two being Cooperation with foreign intelligence services and Internal Counter- Intelligence efforts.

For cooperation with foreign intelligence services, it’s recommended that delegates focus on on the dynamics between the CIA, and interaction that MI6 had with this organization. Suggested topics to look into include the dynamics of US/ UK relations during this time period, especially as it pertains to the 1953 coup of the Iranian prime minister, as a result of a joint US/ UK operation.

For the second topic, Internal Counter- Intelligence efforts, it’s highly encouraged that delegates look into the details of the Cambridge 5, and the events and controversy that encircled this group. Additionally, debate is likely to involve the dilemma of attempting to both uncover Russian spies within MI6, and placing our own operatives within the Soviet Union.

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