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At it's peak, the Mughal Empire spanned nearly the entire Indian subcontinent, and beyond. The Empire also functions as the world’s largest economic power, while also in a golden age of architecture and culture. The committee is made up of members of the Court of Aurangzeb, seeking to sustain what very well may be the greatest Empire on Earth. Not everything is sunny on the subcontinent, however, as the Mughals are being challenged militarily and are also facing struggles within. Is the Empire in decline? Is the reign of the Mughals officially coming to a close?

Topic: Foreign Relations

The Mughal Empire has long presided a Golden Age of the Indian people. It is now at risk of encroaching powers both native to the subcontinent, as well persistent colonial powers hundred of miles away. To ensure survival, the Mughals must protect their borders and the society within.

Topic: Religions and Ethnic Conflict

Foreign powers are not the only groups pulling at the fabric of the Mughals. Though coexistence of Islam and Hinduism among differing ethnicities has long been a point of pride in the empire, tension between rivaling peoples is almost always inevitable. Everyone wants a voice at the table.

Committee Email: dynasty@bosmun.org

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