Armed to the teeth by the Fascist governments of Germany and Italy, the Nationalists are led by General Francisco Franco, revolting against the democratically elected government. The Nationalists are a collection of rebellious factions of the army, industry, landowners, middle classes and the Catholic Church. This revolution is the  first act in an increasingly unstable continental Europe, and the world is watching how this conflict will play out. General Franco has his eyes on the throne. With the assistance of the Nationalists, will it be his to take?

Topic: The Civil War

1936: The war for Spain has officially begun. The Nationalists seek to overthrow a Republican government deemed unjust and corrupt. The energy behind the movement has the air electrified. This is only the beginning.

Topic: Advancing the Cause

It is nearly impossible to overthrow a government without the support of extra-national forces. The current world order sits uneasily as cracks can be felt throughout the entirety of Europe. How can the the Nationalists employ international allies to drive the establishment of their movement?

Committee Email: jccnationalists@bosmun.org

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