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For centuries, the Greek gods have wielded power unimaginable to mere mortals. They have taken on, and defeated, everything from Titans to demigods, meeting every challenge as gods should. To this point the world of humans that the gods are meant to protect has survived, but conflict and attempts at self-destruction appear to be an unavoidable part of human nature. It is up to the Greek gods, who have not failed the human race yet, to ensure that the mortals do not sabotage their existence beyond repair.

Topic: Alliances during World War I

The Gods of Olympus have had their disagreements before. Only this time, it is of a magnitude not seen before. In 1914, what will become known as “the war to end all wars” has come to fruition based on an argument of godly proportion between Zeus and Hera. Who will take sides? What alliances will be formed? Only a handful will be strong enough to accomplish their goals.

Topic: Warfare to World Order

Because the Gods do not exist as living human beings in the world that they control, it is of necessity for the Gods to be creative in how they conduct warfare to accomplish their goals. More importantly, the Gods must protect the globe from destroying itself and are responsible for the post-War world.

Committee Email: olympus@bosmun.org

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