Journey across the expansive and dangerous terrain of America’s heartland, where land, gold, and opportunity beckons, but be wary, for many obstacles lie ahead.

In the 19th century, millions of travellers crossed the US on a journey, in hopes of finding their own version of the American Dream, and creating a new life for themselves. For the purposes of this committee, delegates are charged with keeping themselves, and their loved ones, alive on one of the most famous trails in the history of the world.

In this committee, delegates will struggle with determining what their destination and endgame will be. Do they travel to the original destination, Oregon, in search of a homestead and land on which to build their lives? Or do they travel south to California, in search of gold and striking it rich? Many obstacles and dangers lie in wait as these decisions are pondered, finalized, and executed- disease runs rampant on the trail, and there is no shortage of physical barriers lying in wait. Additionally, the danger of a hostile attack always lies just beyond the turn of the road. Native Americans, bandits, and other unfriendly groups are no small concern in determining the fate of your voyage.

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