It is 1936, and Civil War has just begun to take hold of Spain. The ranks of the Left, known as Loyalists and Republicans, are on the defensive, not just to retain power, but to protect democracy as they know it. Made up of much of the working class, an alliance has formed with the Spanish government, Socialists, Communists and Anarchists. The Left is backed largely by European democracies and the Soviet Union. Internal conflict must be overcome for the Left to claim victory, not to mention the lack of military support from its international allies. Will the movement be able to retain the elected government? Spain must be protected from the Fascist rebellion.

Topic: The Civil War

1936: The war for Spain has officially begun. The established government is now under siege and politicians must fight alongside its citizenry to protect the Spanish state as it exists today. Can the Republicans withstand the oncoming wave that is the Nationalist movement?

Topic: Advancing the Cause

The Spanish Civil War has erupted viciously, but the rest of Europe has, to this point, managed to precariously maintain peace. The democratic world is on edge as Germany and similarly aggressive fascist states hint at establishing themselves atop the world order. Will the peace continue? Or is the status quo about to change?

Committee Email: jccrepublicans@bosmun.org

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