Sons Of Liberty: Freedom Fighters Of The New World

Topic 1: The Economic Context and Implications

Topic 2: The Cultural Context & Differences

The New York Herald                   

The British Parliament has approved the Company’s new tax increase on tea in the Tea Act. This marks the third major tax hike including the Stamp Act of 1765 and the Townshend Act of 1767. The colonies have already voiced concerns over the continued taxation without representation. More locally, riots and petitions have spread throughout New York City to repeal the new Tea Act.

A group of bandits by the name of the Sons of Liberty have risen as the leading movement against the new taxes. Between tar and feathering and burning down official buildings, the organization has been labeled as a threat to British control of the colonies. While the government labels the group as terrorists, others hope that these freedom fighters will bring liberty and justice to all.

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Samantha Harpool  - Chair

Samantha Harpool is a freshman in the College of Arts and Sciences at Boston University currently studying International Relations, with a focus on international systems and world order, and plans on pursuing a double major in Middle East North Africa Studies as well.  She wants to eventually work for an international relief organization orcontinue to study to become a human rights lawyer.  She joined Boston University's International Affairs Association last semester, but has already staffed and competed in conferences on the collegiate level. She spent half of her childhood in Evanston, Illinois and the other half in Boulder, Colorado. Therefore, she roots for the Denver Broncos, Chicago Cubs, and admits to being a total bandwagon fan.  When she isn’t trying to remember why she decided to study Arabic, she enjoys netflix documentaries, crime/thriller novels, caffeine, and anything that Lin-Manuel Miranda touches.  She is beyond excited to chair Sons of Liberty: Freedom Fighters of the New World! 

Derek Harnett - Crisis Director

Since September Derek has been working in the Social Office within the Office of the First Lady as one of the last interns for the Obama Administration. After completing the internship in January, Derek M. Hartnett has returned to Boston University as a second-semester senior in the Pardee School of Global Studies. He studies International Relations, with a focus on International Systems and World Order as it pertains to the Middle East, specifically the Levant. Derek is an active member of the Boston University International Affairs Association, which includes this Model UN conference, our travel team, as well as other globally focused activities and groups. Derek serves as the Executive Vice President of Marketing for the Gamma Chapter of Delta Phi Epsilon, a professional fraternity for internal business and foreign affairs. As a native New Yorker and an avid traveler, Derek has been to over 10 countries in the past year learning the culture and history of their people. He looks forward to graduating in May and either earning a graduate degree in Public Policy or starting a career focused on creating positive changes both locally and globally.

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