President Park Geun-Hye and her State Council show a great deal of promise. The economy is booming, the country is preparing for an Olympics on the horizon, and North Korea has been quieter than usual. What could possibly go wrong?

The State Council of South Korea is the ultimate executive body and national cabinet of the Republic of Korea. In the aftermath of the impeachment of South Korean President Park Geun-hye, this committee has a lot on it’s plate. The corruption that ran rampant through the government under the leadership of President Park is the chief topic of concern for many of the delegates represented in committee, but this is by far not the only subject up for discussion.

    In this committee, delegates will be focusing on the topics of inter-governmental reforms, and North Korean relations. The reforms will, of course, need to address the issue of corruption within the government, but also are expected to reach areas such as tax reform, and an overhaul of the prosecutorial offices of the state. North Korean relations are always an aspect of foreign policy at the forefront of domestic debates, as is the case when countries live next door to a hostile, aggressive neighbor.

    For too long, the domestic policies of South Korea have been focused on the economic advancement of the country. This has meant a prioritization of the needs of large corporations at the expense of the average South Korean citizen. It is a recent development that the priorities of the South Korean government have shifted to favor the individual, and as such delegates in this committee can expect to see large chunks of time devoted to social reforms, paired with the fight against corruption.

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