In this postcolonial, globalized world, it is critical that African nations collaborate to promote the continent’s growth and development. We must work to integrate trade in Africa for social and economic development from Cairo to Cape Town.

Topic 1 - Foreign Intervention

    A wave of decolonization liberated most African nations in the 1950s through 1970s following the second world war. Today, however, Africa and its economic functions are still under enormous influence by former colonial powers from Europe, as well as other players in the region like China and the United States. While the ECA does promote international interest in the region, this major interference in African economies brings more harm than good, fostering a new kind of colonialism. Local businesses and manufacturers must be empowered, so that independent African nations can develop sustainably and continue growing in a postcolonial world.

Topic 2 - Sustainable Energy

    A lack of sustainable energy in Africa has prevented the continent’s economy from reaching its greatest potential. In 2012, it was found that one in five Africans do not have access to electricity. Africa has also lagged behind in the case of renewable energy. However, with its abundance of natural resources, especially in solar and wind power, it seems as though an energy boom in Africa is around the corner. Through dedication to renewable energy, the ECA can light up the continent and set African nations on the course of innovation and prosperity.

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