Onward Sustainability: Organización Latinoamericana de Energía

The Latin American Energy Organization, or OLADE, was created to integrate development efforts in the region by promoting cooperation. Delegates must prepare to discuss pressing matters regarding energy management including market prices, sustainable development and maintaining natural resources in the regions and sub-regions.

Community of Opportunities: ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Countries)

For over 50 years, ASEAN has united Southeast Asian countries to facilitate economic, trade and military cooperation. The high political and economic diversity of ASEAN members makes it difficult for them to come to a consensus. Delegates must be prepared to use quiet diplomacy and sophisticated decision-making to resolve matters of migration, economic integration and development.

United for Strength: Arab League

Established to foster sovereignty and collaboration among member nations, the League of Arab Nations is responsible for implementing common resolutions for the affairs and interests of member countries. Delegates will have to deal with the rising dysfunction and legitimacy issues of the Arab league, all while resolving matters like the Syrian conflict and oil crises.  


Catastrophe and the Cure: Committee for Rare Diseases

The Committee for Rare Diseases aims to promote awareness of rare diseases by bringing together experts, UN bodies and agencies, and NGOs from the field of rare diseases. Their goal is to prioritize rare diseases in global health and enhance research endeavors in the field. Delegates must take advantage of the multi-stakeholder framework and create resolutions for matters of genetic diseases and poverty.

Voice of the Muslim World: Organization of Islamic Cooperation

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation was created to safeguard the Muslim world to promote international peace. It is now one of the largest intergovernmental organizations governing over 1.6 billion people. This committee must resolve matters of non-state terrorism and human rights violations.

Digital Witnesses: UN Commission on Science and Technology Development

The Commission on Science and Technology Development is responsible for providing advice on pressing science and technology matters to the UN. In a world where technology moves faster than we can chase, delegates must find ways to sustainably develop technologies such as Internet of Things. They must suggest policies to strengthen innovation systems and enhance technology for a renewable future.

Ctrl+Alt+Del Threat: NATO

NATO is an intergovernmental military alliance that uses a system of collective defense to fight off external attacks on member nations. In a time when cyber attacks have become part of hybrid warfare, NATO delegates must prepare to create strong and resilient cyber defenses to ensure cooperative security.

European Union 2015

The EU is an economic and political union of its member states, created to ensure free movement of people, trade and services. In this meeting of the EU, delegates must discuss challenges facing Europe, such as the restoration of peace in Ukraine, fighting terrorism, and improving the Monetary Union. EU must also channel aid efforts to Greece, whose new government seeks for a review of its debt-crisis.

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