World Food Programme

Each year, the World Food Programme helps 8 million people worldwide, but that is still a small portion of the approximately 80 million people suffering from lack of food. The WFP must fight harder to end world hunger and ensure that no child goes to bed hungry.

Back in the Powder Keg: NATO 1999

In the year 1999, the conflict in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia has reached a tipping point. The Kosovo War has broken out, as Kosovo Albanians fight against their Serbian oppressors. Should NATO adhere to international law, or intervene anyway?

World Council of Indigenous Peoples, 1975

Since the late 1960s, indigenous issues have come to a head across the world with the rise in aboriginal political organizations and increasing interest in minority rights. Finally, here in British Columbia, native groups have come together to work toward our collective rights.

When the Levee Fails: FEMA 2005

One of the deadliest hurricanes has just decimated the Gulf Coast. It is up to FEMA to handle this catastrophe and provide support for Hurricane Katrina’s countless victims. Will FEMA be able to step up to the challenge and save American lives from the worst natural disaster to hit its coastline?

International Coffee Organization (ICO)

The ICO represents the coffee trade with members of both exporting and importing nations, focusing on sustaining and strengthening the world coffee sector, and keeping coffee quality high. Through the ICO, we can ensure that the people of the globe will never miss out on their morning latte.

Economic Commission for Africa (ECA)

In this postcolonial, globalized world, it is critical that African nations collaborate to promote the continent’s growth and development. We must work to integrate trade in Africa for social and economic development from Cairo to Cape Town.

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)

For over half a century, the OECD has worked toward economic progress and global advancement. Together, we can create a stronger and fairer market economy.

United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)

From economics to the environment to ethics, tourism has greatly affected global development. The UNWTO is driven to ensure that tourism is a force for good across the world. Whether it be game tours in Southern Africa or adventure park development in North America, tourism can be a key influential player in how international development progresses in our increasingly interconnected society.  

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