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Established to foster sovereignty and collaboration among member nations, the League of Arab Nations is responsible for implementing common resolutions for the affairs and interests of member countries. Delegates will have to deal with the rising dysfunction and legitimacy issues of the Arab league, all while resolving matters like the Syrian conflict and oil crises.

Topic: Syrian Conflict

Marhabba, delegates! Ahmar - red, that is the color of Syria today. In this session of the Arab League, delegates will discuss the Syrian conflict rising due to dissatisfaction with the Assad government and the increasing levels of terrorism, crime and armed conflicts in the region. Delegates must push for solutions that diplomatically solve the Syrian conflict without imposing sanctions on the country and causing more problems in the government.  

Topic: Economic Development for Oil

The growth in the oil industry has slowed significantly since 2017 and caused a chaotic year in the Middle East. Recently, the prices of oil have gone up, allowing some recovery since 2017. Delegates must focus on economic development through security conditions and improve regional GDPs after a 3 year slump in price of oil.  

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