The ICO represents the coffee trade with members of both exporting and importing nations, focusing on sustaining and strengthening the world coffee sector and keeping coffee quality high. Through the ICO, we can ensure that the people of the globe will never miss out on their morning latte.

Topic 1 - Price Stability and Consistent Yields

    One of the ICO’s many responsibilities is collecting statistics on coffee, and recent Coffee Market Reports have shown some concerning data of increasing prices and lower yields. Price stability and consistent yields to meet demand are two of the columns on which the global coffee trade stands. ICO governments can help their nation’s coffee farmers keep production high through promotion of new technology and other effective policies. The ICO must ensure exporting economies maintain stability, and help consumers worldwide to have access to quality coffee products without fluctuating prices. Through problem solving and economic collaboration, member states can advance sustainability in the coffee industry and market, as well as improve their own economic state.

Topic 2 - Food Safety

    It is critical that coffee producing nations maintain good food safety practices in order to keep consumers healthy while enjoying their coffee break. Firstly, governments must help producers eradicate pests and prevent diseases so that crops stay fresh and plentiful. Taking care to follow health protocol not only protects consumers, but growers and production communities as well. If the ICO succeeds in passing careful resolutions, the coffee market can continue to grow and enhance the livelihoods of coffee producers and consumers all over the globe.

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