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The Committee for Rare Diseases aims to promote awareness of rare diseases by bringing together experts, UN bodies and agencies, and NGOs from the field of rare diseases. Their goal is to prioritize rare diseases in global health and enhance research endeavors in the field. Delegates must take advantage of the multi-stakeholder framework and create resolutions for matters of genetic diseases and poverty.

Topic: Communicable Rare Diseases

Communicable rare diseases, despite not affecting relatively many people, can have devastating impacts on communities. Few are aware of the dangers of these diseases, leading to little research being done on them. The lack of research and developed treatments is especially detrimental to impoverished communities with inadequate healthcare systems. Without treatment, these diseases can sweep through communities, often with catastrophic effects. The Committee for Rare Diseases aims to raise awareness and mitigate the impacts of such diseases.

Topic: Genetic Rare Diseases

About 80% of rare diseases are inherited and passed through the genes, this makes up a bulk of the affected population, however research into many of these diseases has been limited or inconclusive. Without proper research or collaboration with pharmaceutical companies, who typically see the rare disease market as unprofitable, these diseases can wipe out families or communities with close genetic ties. The Committee for Rare Diseases advocates for rare diseases to achieve a more critical status in the UN body, and with that for increased action to be taken to combat them.

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