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The Commission on Science and Technology Development is responsible for providing advice on pressing science and technology matters to the UN. In a world where technology moves faster than we can chase, delegates must find ways to sustainably develop technologies such as Internet of Things. They must suggest policies to strengthen innovation systems and enhance technology for a renewable future.

Topic: Renewable Energy Technologies and the SDGs

It has become abundantly clear that non-renewable energy has become unsustainable for the long run. The development of technology has also allowed for more options to explore in terms of alternative energy sources. The committee must also consider geographical limitations and energy needs of various countries before finding solutions to achieve sustainability. Countries must consider their own geographical needs such as water security, coastal resources and food transportation methods in order to find renewable energy technologies that will successfully corroborate their economies.

Topic: Global Food Security

The UNCSTD must address the topic of food security in terms of the accessibility of food around the world and how countries can implement technology in order to explore better ways to get food to people and impoverished nations. Between population growth, climate change and water scarcity, delegates must find a way to achieve global food security and avoid large companies to monopolize the food industry.

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