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The EU is an economic and political union of its member states, created to ensure free movement of people, trade and services. In this meeting of the EU, delegates must discuss challenges facing Europe, such as the restoration of peace in Ukraine, fighting terrorism, and improving the Monetary Union. EU must also channel aid efforts to Greece, whose new government seeks for a review of its debt-crisis.

Topic: Restoration of Peace in Ukraine

After years of conflict, peace in Ukraine cannot wait. Not only has Russia gained a strong hold over Ukraine in order to leverage their own political agenda, causing a rise in conflict in Crimea. Without violating national sovereignty, the EU must find a solution to the crisis in Ukraine, to ensure that the situation not endanger international peace and stability.

Topic: Greek Economic Crisis

Yassou delegates! From Thessaloniki to Athens, everyone in Greece is talking about the economic crisis in the country, that has caused a decline in investments, crushing inflation and rising government debt. Without infringing national sovereignty, the EU must decide on ways to save the Greek economy. With the new finance minister, decisions to make regarding Grexit and the drachma, what will the EU do to save this beautiful country?

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