One of the deadliest hurricanes has just decimated the Gulf Coast. It is up to FEMA to handle this catastrophe and provide support for Hurricane Katrina’s countless victims. Will FEMA be able to step up to the challenge and save American lives from the worst natural disaster to hit its coastline?

Topic 1 - Before Katrina Hits: August 23rd-28th, 2005

It’s late August 2005, and the worst natural disaster in American history is about to descend on the state of Louisiana. On August 23rd, Hurricane Katrina begins to form over the Bahamas. Experts know that it is set to demolish the Gulf States, and hit especially hard in New Orleans. With the protection of levees and floodwalls, perhaps New Orleans can get through this in one piece. But as the winds become stronger, the Federal Emergency Management Agency must step up to the plate to protect New Orleans and the rest of Louisiana. The preparations that FEMA puts forth will determine the amount of damage and danger that Louisiana residents will endure.

Topic 2 - The Aftermath: Post August 29th

    On August 29th, the hurricane hits. What FEMA does in the aftermath will depend on the response policies you implement. In the end, Hurricane Katrina cost almost 2,000 people their lives, over $100 billion in damage, and made hundreds of thousands of people destitute and homeless. Now it’s time for a do over. From decimated infrastructure to increased crime to health concerns, delegates must be diligent in considering their post-hurricane responses. Even the economy and the government of New Orleans itself are at stake in the wake of Katrina. FEMA finally has another chance to get this right, and may be able to erase this hurricane from its dark place in American history.

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