For over half a century, the OECD has worked toward economic progress and global advancement. Together, we can create a stronger and fairer market economy.

Topic 1 - Income Inequality

    Since the OECD’s inception in 1960, income inequality is in the most dire state it has ever been. Today, the richest 10% of many OECD nations have nine times the average income of the poorest 10%. It is time for a change. The rich have grown richer as the poor become poorer, and middle classes are feared to be disappearing. It is imperative that the OECD can create effective policies that will spread economic growth more evenly, so that our economies can continue to grow and our nations to prosper.

Topic 2 - Reassessing PISA

    One of the most powerful practices for breaking the cycle of poverty and for growing economies is education. Every three years, the OECD collects data on school systems by distributing PISA, or the Programme for International Student Assessment, to 15 year olds worldwide. But is this method of standardized testing truly the most effective way to understand international education, and how has it affected the way school policies are implemented? The OECD must reassess PISA, so that we can increase the well-being and education quality for students across the globe.

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