Each year, the World Food Programme helps 8 million people worldwide, but that is still a small portion of the approximately 80 million people suffering from lack of food. The WFP must fight harder to end world hunger and ensure that no child goes to bed hungry.

Topic 1 - Food Aid to Displaced Peoples

Today, more people are displaced than ever, at over 65 million forcibly displaced from conflict, and millions more are displaced each year by natural disasters. The WFP must create solutions for emergencies as well as long term solutions to properly address this problem. Technology and infrastructure are key to helping displaced peoples avoid hunger. Ameliorating the issue of food aid to refugees is an important step toward helping these humanitarian crises, especially in a world rampant with terrorism and civil war.

Topic 2 - Food Security for Developing Nations

Oftentimes settled peoples do not have access to food either. Agricultural sustainability, particularly in developing countries, is critical to ensuring that families don’t go to bed hungry. As climate change affects environments and their communities, food insecurity becomes an ever growing threat. Education in better agricultural techniques and empowerment of women in agriculture are just a couple of the ways that communities can move towards full sustainability. Together, we can keep the citizens of the world nourished, and fulfill the second Sustainable Development Goal, Zero Hunger.

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