World Health Organization

Topic 1: Capacity Building to Target Neglected Tropical Diseases

Topic 2: Healthcare Delivery Through Humanitarian Action in Conflict Areas

Cholera, homelessness, and poverty: all of these traumatic outcomes sound like the result of a disaster.  Yet, in the case of Haiti, the disaster in case is not solely due to a devastating earthquake, but largely the result of disaster relief.  The largest humanitarian relief effort to date has taken a shaken state and caused it to fail, and even with substantial funding, Haiti is arguably in a much worse state due to the efforts.  Delegates in this committee must attempt to address a crisis not created by earth, but created by themselves.

Novice Committee

This year, WHO will be a novice committee, specifically designed with first-time delegates in mind. Delegate training will be integrated into the procedure for this committee and chairs will do their best to maintain a pace to ensure new delegates do not get left behind while still moving debate forward as expected. With this in mind, however, we do encourage delegates to attend the Training Sessions made available to them on the Friday of BosMUN before the first committee session. Delegates will only be given a slot in these committees upon advisor request.

Devika Nadkarni - Chair

Devika is a senior studying Chemistry at Boston University on the pre-medical track. When she isn’t in the lab, she goes out of her way to engage in new cultures. Traveling at every opportunity, she spent her last summer in Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, India, and Zanzibar. She hopes to combine her passions for foreign affairs, travel, and medicine by informing global health policy through a career as a clinician. In her free time, you can find her Netflixing bad romantic comedies and hanging out at local (and some may say pretentious) coffee shops. She is cannot wait to staff her last BosMUN!

Vice Chair: Maisha Savani

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