World Trade Organization (WTO)

As increasing trends in globalization continue to take off, interstate interaction and trade continue to boost the global economy.  However this expansion of the global trade network is not without its challenges.  Delegates of the World Trade Organization must help continue to establish frameworks for international trade agreements while simultaneously mediating trade related conflict. Delegates must tread lightly, as too much regulation may stunt a global economy, whereas too little could cause smaller states to be taken advantage of.

Important Announcement:

Hi delegates!

Recently, an important development has occurred concerning our first topic of the Trans Pacific Partnership. On Monday, January 23 newly inaugurated US President Donald Trump signed an executive order cancelling US involvement in the Trans Pacific Partnership. This action was done to act on his promise to bring companies and jobs back to the United States. Many political analysts are concerned, however, that this action will actually strengthen China. With the United States turning away from Asia, it is possible that China will move to fill that economic vacuum. It is also important to note that the TPP can continue without the United States. Australia’s trade minister, for example, said that members of the trade pact were considering this option. Despite Trump’s new executive order, the Trans Pacific Partnership is still highly relevant. Although your research done before this new development will still be applicable to debate, please keep in mind how the US dropping out of the TPP will shape the Best of luck with your research and see you soon,

Rachel and Dimitri

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Dimitri Mubarak - Co-Chair

I am a senior here in Boston University, majoring in Human Physiology. I am also a pre-medical student, with the goal to be in medical school in the near future. I hail from the hot desert of Phoenix, but have lived a long time in the small island of Hilton Head in South Carolina. I strongly preferred the beach. I have a strong passion for playing a variety of sports and hobbies such as baseball, tennis, basketball, hiking, and piano, but almost always get side-tracked before actually performing well at any of them. I like to eat fancy food and definitely have a spoiled pallet at times, but there is very little out there that hits the heartstrings like a bag of Doritos. Outside of MUN I can be seen volunteering at the hospital or doing cancer and autism research at the medical school and right here on campus. 

Rachel Kubrick - Co-Chair

Hi, my name is Rachel and I am currently a freshman studying Art History in the College of Arts & Sciences. I am from New York, and have been involved in Model UN since high school. Outside of MUN, I am interested in museums, art, music, and books. I will be staffing both BarMUN and BosMUN for the first time this year. Although I love being a delegate, chairing has always been one of my favorite parts of MUN, and I cannot wait to chair the WTO!

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