World trade Organization 

As increasing trends in globalization continue to take off, interstate interaction and trade continue to boost the global economy.  However this expansion of the global trade network is not without its challenges.  Delegates of the World Trade Organization must help continue to establish frameworks for international trade agreements while simultaneously mediating trade related conflict. Delegates must tread lightly, as too much regulation may stunt a global economy, whereas too little could cause smaller states to be taken advantage of.

UNAID Emergency Session on Haiti

 Cholera, homelessness, and poverty: all of these traumatic outcomes sound like the result of a disaster.  Yet, in the case of Haiti, the disaster in case is not solely due to a devastating earthquake, but largely the result of disaster relief.  The largest humanitarian relief effort to date has taken a shaken state and caused it to fail, and even with substantial funding, Haiti is arguably in a much worse state due to the efforts.  Delegates in this committee must attempt to address a crisis not created by earth, but created by themselves.

world Health Organization 

In the past few decades, a combination of medical technology advancement and systematic thinking in public health have revolutionized the field of global health.  Now, facing the dual burden of both high transmissible highly fatal infectious disease and high cost long term non communicable disease, we must decide how, as the top global health professionals, to provide equitable and amicable care for all patients. As simple as this sounds, infections such as Zika virus combined with chronic conditions and overall poor health infrastructure stand in our way.  Health is a basic human right, let’s provide it.

UN Habitat 

Providing equitable and sustainable housing is the primary goal of the UN Human Settlements Programme.  In the midst of international conflict, adequate housing needs extend.  In addition to the needs of those already in need of housing, refugees and internally displaced populations create an additional puzzle that UN Habitat committee members must solve. Providing housing is no easy task, and whether permanent or temporary, must be able to suit the needs of local populations.

The Bandung Conference: First Session of the Non-Aligned Movement 

For far too long, colonial superpowers have dictated how we interact on a national and international level .With independence movements thriving throughout the world, we must take a stand together to make the active choice to not stand at all.  This is where we set our presence as modern, independent nations.  We will create our stake in the world, and in our struggle against bloc politics and imperialism, we will secure the independence of non aligned movement's.

Council of Europe 

Within Europe, states unite under numerous regional bodies, each serving a distinct purpose.  In the case of the council of Europe, states come together to craft international agreements on a variety of issues.  Decisions and agreements made within the Council of Europe are often done on the basis of Human Rights, through the European Court of Human Rights.  Initiatives within the Council strive to standardize a high quality of life and productivity throughout all member states, and delegates should strive to create equality within the ever changing dynamic of Europe.

Paris Climate Change Summit 2015

For far too long, nations have been reluctant to discuss the most potentially destructive of man made crises: climate change.  With average temperatures rising at an alarming rate, the overall health of the planet must be discussed on a large scale basis.  For the first time, very overdue, all 196 nations will come together and discuss rising global temperatures and how to combat issues such as carbon emission restrictions and overall global pollution levels.  No matter how productive this session may be, there is one question on the back of everyone’s mind: is this too late?

Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank 

A combination of regional members and outside investors comprises the Asian International Investment Bank.  The AIIB seeks to provide infrastructure to regions within Asia and the Pacific.  With goals of sustainable growth for the region, specifically those that are struggling economically, the AIIB seeks to bring industry and employment and put Asia at the forefront of the economic world.  Delegates must decide where and how to invest a substantial amount of capital provided by participating nations, and how to assure the investments can be as profitable as possible without exploitation.

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