The First Committee of the General Assembly, the Disarmament and International Security Committee, deals with problems that pose a threat to international security.

Topic 1 - Nonproliferation of Biological and Chemical Warfare

The UN General Assembly’s First Committee has decided to tackle one of the largest problems it has faced in its history: the presence of biological and chemical weaponry. Biological weapons have had a long history, including throughout World War II and the use of deadly pathogens such as anthrax and smallpox. Furthermore, the first chlorine gas attack in 1915 proved to be far more successful than anyone thought was possible, as nearly 6,000 gas cylinders along 4 miles of roadway. Although the German government was skeptical of this, they permitted Fritz Haber to experiment. Thus, the first major use of chemical weaponry was initiated and sparked an arms race throughout many of the major world powers, making it a point of tension between international leaders over the past century. More recently, an estimated 1,400 people are believed to have been killed as a result of a chemical weapons attack in Syria in 2013. As more civilians are becoming the targets of these deadly attacks, DISEC looks to resolve the recent proliferation of biological and chemical warfare before it becomes even worse.

Topic 2 - Combatting Illicit Small Arms Trading

The topic of many United Nations debates lately have surrounded the illicit international small arms trade and the most effective and efficient ways to combat it. Small arms not only take the lives of innocent civilians, but also have devastating effects on economies. These small, accessible weapons can be forced into the hands of child soldiers, perpetuate gang violence, and lead to record levels of injuries and deaths. They are extremely easy for smugglers and gang members to conceal and carry, making a law enforcement officer’s job very hard. Many nations are looking for intensified regulation against the proliferation of small arms, but international opponents are having a difficult time agreeing on reasonable ways to combat the issue. DISEC looks to create a comprehensive resolution to the illicit small arms trade that appeals to all members of the international community.

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