Travel back to the early years of the Roman Empire and join the Senate as they work to maintain political balance and act as an advisory counsel to the ruler.

Topic 1 - Spartacus Rebellion, 73 BCE

In 73 BCE, Thracian gladiator Spartacus along with 70 other slaves revolted and attempted to fight their way out of a gladiator camp. After escaping, they took refuge on Mount Vesuvius and recruited more slaves. As more slaves were joining the force, Spartacus and two other men were chosen to lead the group. They continued fighting and came across the Roman Legions, who they defeated. After Spartacus’s victory, the Roman Legions came after them, although many of the Roman Legions were occupied fighting the Servile War. Seeing as most of the army is off fighting another war, join the Roman Senate as they try to bring the slave revolt to an end diplomatically and return the state to normalcy.

Topic 2 - Julius Caesar’s Civil War, 49 BC

In 49 BC, the Great Roman Civil War began as the last political battle before the creation of the Roman Empire. Julius Caesar, his supporters, the populares, and his army opposed Pompey, the Optimates, and the conservative senate members. Caesar emerged as the leader of the triumvirate that was established with Pompey and Crassus, however the Senate was fearful of Caesar and asked him to get rid of his army. As this is transpiring, Rome erupts in mass chaos and a devastating divide in the Senate is taking place. While part of the Senate is still politically against Caesar, join the politicians as they attempt to achieve their overarching goal of bringing peace back to Rome.

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