The Fourth Committee of the General Assembly, the Political and Decolonization Committee, handles issues relating to decolonization, peacekeeping, human rights, and more.

Topic 1 - Atomic Radiation

In 2011 following a major earthquake in Fukushima, Japan, a fifteen meter tsunami disrupted the power supply and melted three nuclear reactors, causing a major accident that led to the highest radiation levels to ever be recorded. An exclusion zone around Fukushima still exists, however radioactive particles from the meltdown have been detected throughout the world. Seeing the dangers of such potential atomic radiation, many countries, particularly European countries, have been trying to phase-out nuclear plans, while others, especially in Asia, have been working to expand it. Since nuclear power provides 11% of the world’s electricity, phasing it out proves to be a difficult decision for international powers to make. Join SPECPOL as they attempt to bring the world together despite vastly different opinions on the importance of atomic reactors.

Topic 2 - Use of Private Military Companies and Mercenaries

Private military companies (PMC’s) have had multiple reports of extrajudicial killings and use of excessive force, as depicted by the massacre in Baghdad's Nisour Square by a PMC called Blackwater Worldwide, where 17 civilians killed and 24 were injured. It took 7 years to finally prosecute and hold accountable the private security contractors from Blackwater due to the flawed systematic policy that oversees the prosecution of private contractors that work for foreign agencies. Past international and domestic efforts to regulate PMC’s and mercenaries have proved fruitless, and definitional discrepancies between countries still exist. Both Article 43, Protocol I in the Geneva Convention and the UN Convention Against the Recruitment, Use, Financing and Training of Mercenaries lack a complete definition of mercenary, deeming it impractical and unfitting. SPECPOL is tasked with creating a more descriptive definition of PMC’s and determining their legality in the international community.

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