Primarily focusing on national sustainability and development, UNOPS tasks itself with supporting peacebuilding and implementing humanitarian projects that support the international community.

Topic 1 - Sustainable Water in Sudan

In the past few decades, access to essential resources such as food and water have become diminished throughout the international community. People in lesser developed countries have become desperate to find safe water, and have resorted to drinking from rivers and streams, which are often contaminated with anything from feces to cholera and typhoid. In certain nations such as Sudan, people walk several miles a day to fill buckets with dirty water, just to bring home something to drink for their families. In Darfur, located in western Sudan, clean water has been scarce for many years now. Population growth has put even more strain on the urban water supply, furthering conflict and disease. Join UNOPS as the committee attempts to battle this international problem while paying special attention to Sudan, where the crisis has reached new levels. Delegates will attempt to better the infrastructure in the area while also finding new ways to purify water supplies, bringing the Sudanese citizens access to what they have so desperately needed for so many years.

Topic 2 - Supporting Syrian Refugees

The violence in Syria and the surrounding areas has caused an extreme refugee crisis, forcing thousands of families out of their homes. These refugees have been forced to leave everything they own behind, struggling just to keep their families united. UNOPS has made it its mission to support other United Nations organizations in aiding these refugees. UNOPS is working to construct schools for the children so that they can further their education during this time and transporting children to and from their classes. The committee is also providing power and electricity to these schools and homes including solar water heaters and  advanced electrical systems. Furthermore, UNOPS is partnering with more organizations to attempt to destroy Syria’s nuclear weapons and make the country a safe place for these displaced people to return to. Join UNOPS as they work with other UN organizations to provide for these refugees and make Syria a safe area for them to go home to.

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