The First Committee: Disarmament and International Security (DISEC)

The sanctity of the international security regime is at risk as we continue to face numerous challenges with each passing moment. It is the responsibility of you, the distinguished delegates of DISEC, to effectively mitigate these threats so that we can move forward towards our eventual goal of true peace. To what lengths will you go to maintain the principles of cooperation to effectively govern disarmament and regulate arms on a global scale? As a body, it is your charge to strengthen stability and promote a unified front in tackling issues that extend from the lowest levels of security to a much larger international stage.

The Third Committee: Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural (SOCHUM)

Humanity: the one trait that truly binds our world together. Some of us may prosper with the ability to move forward as we please; but this is not without human rights violations and ethical dilemmas that plague our brothers and sisters whom are not as free. Through the platform that is SOCHUM, we are fortunate to have a platform to discuss what is truly just for the advancement of our fellow global citizens. As we strike a balance between the power of people and the legacy of governments, it will be up to the esteemed members of the General Assembly to decide the best approach to promote fundamental freedoms and the right to self-determination.

The Sixth Committee: Legal

When you take a quick look at the many states that join together to form the Legal Committee, it is evident that not a single system unites them all. While our legislation may vary greatly from place to place, there will always remain the question of if these laws are what is truly best for the world at large. Delegates of the General Assembly will be asked to take a unique look at some of the world’s most pressing issues and make a series of recommendations for ideal approaches for us all to follow. While these questions may have several correct answers, it is only through practice that we can truly know what final decisions reign supreme.

United Nations Special Session on Refugees

Some international conflicts may be taken at face value when analyzed through the lenses of security and sovereignty. At what point, however, do we address the greater population that is affected? The people who are forced out of the place they call home and made to start anew against their will. Refugees and migrants move today in greater quantities than ever before but remain limited with very little places to go. In this Special Session of the United Nations General Assembly, delegates will face the consideration of the permeability of national borders as a price to pay for the sake of a population at risk. It is time to set an important precedent and find a direction when there appears to be nowhere left to go.

United Nations Trusteeship Council, 1948

Just three short years have gone by since the end of World War II and, despite some progress, we still have a long way to go before our planet is fully repaired. Under our unique jurisdiction remain several trust territories, which we must administer to prepare for independence and majority rule. As we consider the former German Schutzgebiete, Japanese colonies, and Italian possessions, we also seek answers for some of our society’s other areas of concern with question over the trusteeship status of Mandatory Palestine. As a newly United Nations, we are challenged to set a pathway of excellence for these states as we set a trajectory for them to inherit some of our greater fortunes.

United States Senate, 1933


It is my distinct honor to be able to work with each of you during this critical time for our country. Our economy has officially hit rock bottom, and as the new President of the United States of America, I will see to it that we are put back on track for sustained growth and success. The people think that our country is slipping through our fingers, as countless continue to struggle to find a job and maintain stable wages and profits. This calls for immediate action and within the next Hundred Days, I expect us to see an America that is able to protect their savings, create prosperity, provide relief for the sick and elderly, and get industry and agriculture back on their feet. Let us waste no time and return to our once higher standard of excellence.

Faithfully yours,

Franklin D. Roosevelt


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