United Nations Security Council: The Siege of Tripoli 

The United Nations Security Council is one of the six principal organs of the United Nations, and is charged with maintaining peace and international security. Their powers include the establishment of peacekeeping missions and military action, and nowhere is their intervention needed more than Libya. The Siege or battle of Tripoli is a major event within the Libyan Civil War against the regime of Muammar Gaddafi and the National Transition Council. The security council has declared the situation worthy of declaring Responsibility to Protect or R2P in order to help the anti-Gaddafi forces. Now, they must find the best way to ensure an end to the violence in Libya.


Press Corps

The press is an integral part of every government - whether it be free or controlled to distribute propaganda - and as such it has always been an integral part of BosMUN. While delegates in other committees debate and pass resolutions to solve a variety of different issues, delegates in the Press Corps will perform the critical task of reporting on these actions to everyone else in the conference. As media is multi-faceted, so will be the manner and perspective of reporting on BosMUN. Delegates will represent a plethora of different news sources, each with their own tone and style of reporting. Delegates will also have to produce pieces of different length and style, and will also actively debate on the role of media in global politics, “fake news”, and the responsibility of journalists to reflect the “truth” versus certain viewpoints.


French Revolution and the Trial of Marie Antoinette

Let them eat cake! A famous phrase uttered by Marie Antoinette when she learned the peasants of France were starving. Now, she is on trial by the some of the very same people. On October 14th, 1793, after the monarchy was abolished, the Queen was accused of depletion of the treasury, conspiracy against the security of the state, and high treason against her nation and her life is on the line. Some believe the verdict has already been decided; some say this is going to be a fair trial. In either case, the fate of France and its monarchy is in the hands of this trial.


Lima Group: The Crisis in Venezuela

The Lima group is a multilateral body established in 2017 meant to negotiate a safe exit to the crisis in Venezuela.The group, now consisting of 14 member states with some observers and supporter, is adamantly against the Maduro regime. After the rise of Juan Guiado as interim president as a response to fraudulent elections, the group has never been more valuable in trying to determine a solution for the crisis in Venezuela.


Environmental Protection Agency: Silent Spring

In 1962, Rachel Carson published Silent Spring, a book documenting the catastrophic effects of overusing pesticides. DDT, the main pesticide in question, is incredibly effective at killing pests. In particular, DDT targets and kills mosquitoes, which carry numerous diseases such as malaria, dengue, and West Nile virus amongst many others. The use of DDT suppressed the mosquito population, reducing rates of these diseases. However, at the same time, it polluted water supplies and farmland, posing a threat to both human and animal health. Silent Spring sparked a national debate that led to the creation of the US Environmental Protection Agency and a ban on the use of DDT in agriculture. While DDT helped reduce rates of a disease that was killing millions, its overuse also had severe ecological ramifications. Do the benefits truly outweigh the costs?


Boston Busing Crisis

The year is 1974, and the courts have ordered that all Boston public schools must be desegregated. The district attorney of Massachusetts has ordered that students be bused in from different parts of the city to integrate schools. Parents and teachers alike are up in arms. The city, particularly South Boston, has broken out into protests and riots that has led to violence and racial resentment. Many parents have considered taking their students elsewhere. It is up to our schools and our city to respond to this mounting crisis.


Netflix Executive Board 2017

Welcome to the Netflix Executive Board of 2017. Our site has made numerous successful series such as Narcos, Orange is the New Black, and Stranger Things, amongst many others. But now, with streaming services so abundant and offering different kinds of movies and shows, the arena of online streaming has become competitive, and Netflix is struggling to keep up. How can the company diversify its media so it can stay in the game?


Taiwanese Independence

The political status of Taiwan has remained uncertain since the creation of the communist government in 1949. Taiwan and the government in exile represented the nation of China up until 1971. Taiwan’s official policy regarding the PRC now is to use force to maintain its independent status, despite China’s push to regain the island as a part of its One China program. Potential for conflict is high and the international world remains divided on the issue.

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