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The year is 1960, and tensions are brewing in the Congo.  The Union Minière du Haut Katanga, or UMHK, has been a fixture in the Congo for decades, mining the rare and precious metals prolific in the Katanga region.  While this endeavor has mainly benefited the home of the UMHK, Belgium, the company has been kind to its host population, building schools, hospitals and railroads.  Nevertheless, as the Congolese declare their independence from Belgium, there are whisperings that the new government will attempt to nationalize the company. The board of directors of UMHK is frantically searching for a solution to preserve their holdings in Katanga.  Will they successfully maintain their power and preserve their mines in the region, or will they be swept away by the tides of unrest?

Topic: Relations with Internal Groups and External Nations

The Congan revolution has begun.  The Board of Directors, many Congans themselves, must navigate the interests of internal groups vying for the company’s dissolution, as well as foreign nations.

Topic: Economic Stability

Despite the revolution, the world, and the economy, continues.  How will the Board of the Directors maintain trade, governance and economic stability during this tumultuous time?

Committee Email: UMHK@bosmun.org

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