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The unthinkable has just happened.  A little known subduction zone just north and west of the much-more-famous San Andreas fault is now the epicenter of the worst earthquake to ever hit North America.  Initial estimates of the damage are harrowing; the Pacific Northwest is essentially gone, with damage caused directly by the earthquake, the subsequent tsunami or some combination of both.  Thousands of people are presumed dead, and thousands more are injured. Now, a special session of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) must somehow coordinate the recovery effort as aftershocks from the earthquake still continue.  Will the agency alter the fate of the Pacific Northwest, or will bureaucratic infighting and inaction condemn thousands more to an early death?

Topic: Immediate Disaster Relief

Dozens of federal, state and local agencies and interest groups may be called upon in the event of a natural disaster, amounting to millions of dollars and vast manpower available.  But how are they organized? How are the funds distributed? Where do the National Guard go? In this topic, delegates will have to contend with how best to manage the immediate effects a natural disaster.

Topic: Long Term Public Health

The problems that arise from a natural disaster don’t end when the flooding recedes, or the earth stops shaking.  Long-term issues of public health in disaster stricken areas can last for decades. How can the committee mitigate these impacts?

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