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The Qing Dynasty is in a rather delicate situation.  For the past several decades, China has maintained a very favorable trade imbalance between itself and Europe, filling the royal coiffers with gold from selling mainly tea and silver.  Even better, they have successfully kept European influence at bay with the adoption of the Canton system, which forces the Europeans to trade under very specific circumstances. However, to counteract the trade imbalance, Britain began selling opium poppy to Chinese merchants; now almost a third of the country is addicted to the drug.  The emperor has just created an imperial commission to fight the epidemic and given them the jurisdiction to effect change, but they must also contend with growing British animosity towards trade restrictions. Will the commission successfully navigate growing tensions with British while also saving their country, or will they drag China into a war they cannot win?

Topic: Internal Affairs

Despite the dire state of the country, Britain is demanding that China will not interfere with the opium trade.  How will the commission navigate the delicate diplomatic waters with Britain, and what new allies may be found?

Topic: External Relations

The emperor is demanding the commission end the opioid crisis in China despite a thriving black market and international pressure to the contrary, and corruption is rife in the highest levels of the Chinese government.  How will the commission navigate these muddy waters in the quest to save their country?

Committee Email: teaandpoppy@bosmun.org

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