Bienvenido a Lima, Perú, and to the 8th Pan-American Conference. While conflict brews in the Eastern Hemisphere as European and Asian powers sound the drums of war, all's quiet in the Western Hemisphere, where the nations of North and South America look on in horror. We must prevent such violence and chaos from reaching our shores! Collective security of the American states is not a foreign concept to Twentieth Century diplomats, and Pan-Americanism has been pursued between states since the late 1800’s. However, the United States often dominated the region in trade and military might--and with a history of “big stick diplomacy” in Latin America, the US is not the most popular kid on the block. While treaties have been passed forbidding war between American states, nothing is stopping anyone from contributing to foreign affairs. Furthermore, geopolitical conflict provides poorer nations with a chance to profit--especially in times of global economic depression. Will the American nations look past past grievances and potential profit to work together and ensure peace for a hemisphere?


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