The Disarmament and Security Committee (DISEC) is the first committee of the General Assembly tasked with dealing with matters of international security.
It’s a’s a's...a robot? At first, humans trained birds to help them hunt for food in the wild. Then, we built planes to transport ourselves to destinations around the world. Today, we program robots to help us hunt in destinations around the world. DISEC’s charter requires the committee to review all security matters and with the rapid increase of automation and drone use, many fear the way in which countries are wielding their power. One of the hardest problems placed in front of this year’s session is how safe, ethical, and reasonable is unmanned-security.



The Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Issues Committee (SOCHUM), the third committee of the general assembly, carries a heavy duty with a broad agenda. From human rights to social equality, SOCHUM leads in creating a fair, just, and caring world. This year’s session continues to prove the committee's importance in finding solutions to some of the most pressing problems.

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United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women

Without half of the population, the world would be engulfed in chaos. Yet, today there remains inequality and denied-opportunity to the women of the world. The committee has a tall task that could shape the way society advances for generations to come.


The Special Political and Decolonization Committee: Outer Space

In the mid-1900s the UN began to look at the topic of outer space, in the context of the first artificial satellite sent to orbit the earth. Their goal was simply to keep the final frontier peaceful. A lot has changed since then, with private space companies, such as Blue Origin and SpaceX, investing heavily in space technology as well as many governments’ interest in creating their own forces to gain prominence beyond the earth. A short time ahead, in a place really really close, SPECPOL’s goal remains the same: keep space safe.


Climate Change: Maldives 2050

Welcome! We are excited to invite you to the UN Annual Climate Change Conference. This year’s conference will be located in the Maldives at the newly renovated under-water Shangri-La. While there will be time to enjoy the water, we suggest coming prepared with solutions to the worlds most pressing environmental problems that have not yet been solved for more than 30 years. Maybe we will eventually find out who lives in housing under the sea.


World Health Organization: Bioethics in Genetics

The scientific and medical communities maintain some of the highest standards of professionalism, standard operation procedures, and ethics. However, the high standards are currently being questioned with doctors and scientists disregarding common practice and performing procedures independently. WHO needs to find out how they are going to keep in place the hard-earned reputation gained by the professional communities. And WHO exactly did what?


United Nations Development Programme: California’s Revitalization

In 1848, flocks of Americans rushed to California in hopes of striking gold. With the First Transcontinental Railroad, California became a hub for many to farm and make a decent living. Hollywood defined California in the early 1900s, turning ordinary Californians into worldwide stars. In the 21st century, California became flooded with an element they did not know how to control. Year after year, it only got worse, but now, with the fires dying out, it is time to rebuild. But how? Gold doesn’t grow on trees…


Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization: The Case of the Hmong People

In many countries there lies an underlying truth that many do not want to give attention to. Indigenous people have been treated in some of the worst ways possible by those who now claim sovereignty over land they once lived peacefully on. What do the indigenous deserve? How can a UN committee make a tragically common situation at least slightly fairer? It’s a battle between the finders, keepers, and the indigenous.

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