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The press is an integral part of every government - whether it be free or controlled to distribute propaganda - and as such it has always been an integral part of BosMUN.  While delegates in other committees debate and pass resolutions to solve a variety of different issues, delegates in the Press Corps will perform the critical task of reporting on these actions to everyone else in the conference.  As media is multi-faceted, so will be the manner and perspective of reporting on BosMUN. Delegates will represent a plethora of different news sources, each with their own tone and style of reporting. Delegates will also have to produce pieces of different length and style, and will also actively debate on the role of media in global politics, “fake news”, and the responsibility of journalists to reflect the “truth” versus certain viewpoints.  

Topic: Ethics of Native Advertising

The transition from print newspapers to online media sources has in some ways decimate the media industry.  How can journalists be paid when all their work is free online? This has led news organization to adopt “native advertising” practices, where companies pay journalists to write articles with substantive content but that may promote a product.  Does this compromise journalistic integrity?

Topic: Partisanship and Propaganda in News

What is the role of partisanship in journalism?  What is the role of journalism in politics? In this topic, delegates will discuss the “information bubble” in media, where consumers consume new sources with which they align politically, eschewing others.  What is the media’s role in perpetuating or preventing this phenomenon?

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