United States Senate,1933

Topic 1: The Rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party in Post World War I Germany

Topic 2: Economic Reform after World War I

Just three short years have gone by since the end of World War II and, despite some progress, we still have a long way to go before our planet is fully repaired. Under our unique jurisdiction remain several trust territories, which we must administer to prepare for independence and majority rule. As we consider the former German Schutzgebiete, Japanese colonies, and Italian possessions, we also seek answers for some of our society’s other areas of concern with question over the trusteeship status of Mandatory Palestine. As a newly United Nations, we are challenged to set a pathway of excellence for these states as we set a trajectory for them to inherit some of our greater fortunes.

Co-Chairs: Elena Bernstein & Neha Iyer

Vice Chair: Nour Wood


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