The Third Committee: Social, Humanitarian, And Cultural (SOCHUM)

Topic 1: Global Bioethics & Reproductive Rights

Topic 2: Food Safety & Security in the 21st Century

Humanity: the one trait that truly binds our world together. Some of us may prosper with the ability to move forward as we please; but this is not without human rights violations and ethical dilemmas that plague our brothers and sisters whom are not as free. Through the platform that is SOCHUM, we are fortunate to have an outlet to discuss what is truly just for the advancement of our fellow global citizens. As we strike a balance between the power of people and the legacy of governments, it will be up to the esteemed members of the General Assembly to decide the best approach to promote fundamental freedoms and the right to self-determination.

Novice Committee 

This year, SOCHUM will be a novice committee, specifically designed with first-time delegates in mind. Delegate training will be integrated into the procedure for this committee and chairs will do their best to maintain a pace to ensure new delegates do not get left behind while still moving debate forward as expected. With this in mind, however, we do encourage delegates to attend the Training Sessions made available to them on the Friday of BosMUN before the first committee session. Delegates will only be given a slot in these committees upon advisor request.

Rahazimah Abu Bakar Sadiqin - Chair

Hailing from hot sunny Malaysia, Rahazimah is a junior studying Biology and Public Health. Although she's a STEM major, she loves International Relations and has been doing MUN since high school. During her free time, she loves reading books by Jodi Picoult and Jhumpa Lahiri, writing for Spoon University (a food, health and lifestyle website) and exploring places in downtown Boston.

Vice Chairs: Min Hyun Cho & Sangyeol Lee

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