Each delegation (single delegates for every committee except DISEC which will be double delegates) will be responsible for producing two position papers for their committee, one for each topic. These should be emailed to the chair's email address listed on the committee page no later than February 7, 2017 at 11:59pm to be considered for any awards. All of the chairs emails will be posted on this page at the beginning of January. 

Position papers should be roughly one page in length, single-spaced, 12-point font, with one inch margins. Good position papers will tend to include three main sections: background on the topic as a whole, your country's involvement with the topic, and your country's recommended solutions for the key issues in the topic. For guidance on what chairs may specifically be looking to be answered by a position paper, refer to the Questions to Consider section of the Background Guide. 

If you have any questions about position papers, please email corresponding committee chairs at the emails provided below for all committees. Also, below are examples of position papers for both GA/ECOSOC committees (UGANDA Topic A&B) and Crisis/Specialized committees (First Philippine Republic and National Conference of Benin). 

Chair Emails



World Trade Organization - wto@bosmun.org

World Health Organization - who@bosmun.org

UN Habitat - habitat@bosmun.org

UNAID Special Session on Haiti - unaid@bosmun.org

Pairs Climate Summit 2015 - pariscc@bosmun.org

The Bandung Conference - bandung@bosmun.org

Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank - aiib@bosmun.org

Council of Europe - europe@bosmun.org

DISEC - disec@bosmun.org

SOCHUM - sochum@bosmun.org

Legal - legal@bosmun.org

UN Special Session on Refugees - refugees@bosmun.org

UN Trusteeship Council of 1948 - trustees@bosmun.org

US Senate - senate@bosmun.org





JCC Beyond The Wall West Berlin - jccwest@bosmun.org

JCC Beyond The Wall East Berlin - jcceast@bosmun.org

Fall of the Chinese Nationalist Party - warlords@bosmun.org

Ministry of Magic - magic@bosmun.org

Ad Hoc Committee of the Secretary General - adhoc@bosmun.org

Dilma Rousseff's Cabinet - dilma@bosmun.org

Muammar Gadaffi's Cabinet - gaddafi@bosmun.org

Sons of Liberty - liberty@bosmun.org

Press Corps - press@bosmun.org

UN Security Council - unsc@bosmun.org

UN Security Council Future 2030 - futuresc@bosmun.org

FIFA - fifa@bosmun.org

International Court of Justice - icj@bosmun.org

International Atomic Energy Agency - iaea@bosmun.org

International Monetary Fund - imf@bosmun.org

Congress of Vienna - vienna@bosmun.org



Sample Position Papers

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